Hello!  Welcome to my site.  The place where I will blog and showcase some of the items I have crafted.  

I know you are probably thinking…just another blog site..  Yes, that is probably part of the truth but it is also a place where I can express my joy of being creative and have others view what I have done. 

I specialize in making customized products upon request.  Some of the products I can customize are:

  • Bookmarkers customized for schools, churches, businesses, conferences and birthday parties.
  • Magnets customized with your company logo, churches, schools, special events and birthday parties.
  • Luggage tags customized for fundraisers, realtors, doctor’s offices, and dentist offices.
  • Party Favors for special events.
  • Customized Lanyards

If you don’t see what you are looking for or need a special request, please inbox me.  I will gladly review your request and advise if your request is doable.

Hopefully, I can inspire someone to blog about what they are designing and showcase some of their work.  I invite you to purchase some of the items that you see by going to my shop page.

Please leave your comments as I would love to hear what you think.

Floretha Worley/BozeyGirl Creations